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Morgan had talked about wanting to go camping with Leah in the backyard. I thought it was a great idea for them to do something special together so I reminded Morgan right before I went out for a run with two friends of mine.

Morgan was still enthusiastic about it and wanted to do it that night even though nothing was set up, it was already past seven o’clock and for the next forty five minutes he would be on his own with both kids and when I would get home, I would need him to look after both of them while I had a shower.

I was surprised to when I got home from my run to see this.

When I got closer, I heard some voices.
dscf5044-165×220.jpg dscf5045-165×220.jpg

Morgan had set up the tent, brought out everything necessary for the evening and then hung out with the kids in the tent till I got home and showered. They lasted the whole night and Leah thought is was great. What a great way to make happy childhood memories.

In other news, while celebrating a birthday with our neighbour’s Joel figured out to sit up all by himself. He can last for quite a while and even reach for toys and not fall over sometimes.

dscf5051-165×220.jpg dscf5053-165×220.jpg
He doesn’t mind the grass on his feet at all. Joel is one easygoing fellow.

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  1. on 29 Aug 2011 at 5:52 pm katherine

    Super Dad indeed. I’m impressed he got everything together before you got back from the run!

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