Life04 Sep 2011 07:14 pm

On Wednesday, we went to Vancouver International Airport to pick up Grandma and Granddad. There were many, many questions leading up to this adventure. Leah wondered why couldn’t the plane just come to our house. She checked for the plane looking out the front window several times that morning. After we drove, parked and found a great look out, we saw the plane Grandma and Granddad were on.
There was so much to see while we ate our lunch and lots of explaining. Leah kept asking if Grandma was on the planes she saw taking off. She also wondered if she would be able to go on a plane.
While Leah watched and ate, Joel had fun playing with Sophie the giraffe on a bench.
dscf5065-165×220.jpg dscf5066-165×220.jpg
I promised Leah one day we would take her on a plane. Probably not anytime in the near future and that it might not be as exciting as she was hoping for. For now, just visiting the airport is exciting enough for me.

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