Life21 Feb 2012 09:47 pm

Family time has become more limited lately, so we are trying to be very intentional to make the most of the time we have together. We went out to a local coffee shop the other night to get hot chocolate.
I picked the most child friendly one I know of. It has a little play room for the kids so we sat right in front of it but even then, Leah spent most of her time sitting with us. I wasn’t sure if she would want to sit still for half an hour and wanted her to have a good time as well. It worked out great as we all had quality time together.
I would smile each time she looked at me after she had her first few sips of hot chocolate. It reminded me of a bunny nose face painted on her.
This little dude showed off his stair climbing skills last night. He climbed up half of our stairs, with Morgan right behind him as after each step he wanted to look behind him and would have fallen down the stairs. He also likes to play with his spoons and sometimes I’ll give him one while feeding him to make the process go smoother (then he doesn’t try grab the spoon I’m trying to feed him with). Tonight, I put a small piece of cauliflower on his spoon and he put it straight into him mouth. He even put some rice from his tray onto his spoon and fed himself. He can confidently walk around furniture now and will stand on his on for a split second before grabbing on again. My little man is growing up.

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