Life03 Sep 2012 08:37 pm

Visiting Grandma at work.
Leah and her chef outfit. If you come to visit, bring your credit card. Prices are set at $97 for everything at her restaurant lately.
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Joel loves to try put on Leah’s shoes. He’s figured out her crocs but flip flops are a lot more difficult.
I learned how to slalom properly this year. I went for an evening ski with Leah as my spotter.
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Bedtime stories. Morgan reads three stories every night to Leah. It is their special father-daughter time. Joel hangs out in Leah’s room until he gets into trouble.
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He loves to climb onto Leah’s bed and bounce, which is when I get called in to put him to bed.
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  1. on 04 Sep 2012 at 8:01 pm Katherine

    So cute!!

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