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Leah was Mary in her preschool play. She did a great job of reciting her lines and enthusiastically sang and did the actions for the songs. Leah’s face alternated between a smile and serious concentration while she made sure she performed exactly as they had practiced.
We got some snow the other day. It was short lived but we enjoyed it while it was here. Joel isn’t much for the cold and preferred to just stay in the wagon. He refuses to wear mittens which is why I think he doesn’t appreciate the cold because his hands hurt after awhile.
dscf6734-165×220.jpg dscf6736-165×220.jpg
Here are our snowmen. There wasn’t much snow but it packed very well.
Gingerbread house making with a pickle bandaid on her chin.
dscf6738-220×165.jpg dscf6741-165×220.jpg
Leah playing Mary as we attempt to act out the Nativity scene with friends.
The kids and I went to see the Journey to Christmas as we have done many years at Christmas. Joel only lasted half way through the walk but we enjoyed some nice hot chocolate and goodies with friends afterwards.
Joel and Leah eating breakfast. Joel has become a fan of cold cereal in the mornings.
dscf6755-165×220.jpg dscf6756-165×220.jpg
Leah and Joel helping me decorate our Christmas tree. When I asked Joel if he would like to help I passed him a decoration which he promptly threw at the tree. After demonstrating the proper way to adorn the tree, he wasn’t too interested.
dscf6773-165×220.jpg dscf6775-220×165.jpg
He would much rather play with cars and trains.
Morgan and I went out for some Pho. It was so nice to get a date night and be able to spend some quality time together.
When we went back to my parent’s to pick up the kids, my mom had put Leah’s hair in soft rollers after her bath. My mom used to do this to my hair and my sister’s every Saturday night so we would have curly hair for church.
dscf6779-165×220.jpg dscf6781-165×220.jpg
Being silly. On the way home we checked out some great Christmas light displays.
Here we are dressed up for church on Sunday. (Disclaimer – usually I dress the kids up nice and Morgan and I wear jeans.)
dscf6783-165×220.jpg dscf6785-165×220.jpg

dscf6786-220×165.jpg dscf6788-220×165.jpg

Merry Christmas!

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