Life31 Dec 2012 03:41 pm

The kids have been pretty good travelers.
Joel still gives nice smiles but Leah is in a stage where she thinks it is hilarious to make funny faces at the camera.
dscf6886-165×220.jpg dscf6887-165×220.jpg
Magnetic gears and a rock climbing wall.
dscf6892-220×165.jpg dscf6895-165×220.jpg
Costumes on a big stage with drums.
Do it yourself face painting (I helped upon request).
dscf6902-165×220.jpg dscf6904-165×220.jpg
A huge lite brite and shape pictures (which are so much more exciting here than at home).
dscf6907-165×220.jpg dscf6908-220×165.jpg
Lots of eating out.
A big truck pit area with a conveyer belt. There were so many great play areas there that would be in my dream daycare. All the bits were rubber pieces so no mess at all.
dscf6910-220×165.jpg dscf6913-165×220.jpg
My little bear crawling through a log.
Leah and I had fun with clay.
dscf6915-220×165.jpg dscf6917-220×165.jpg
Joel playing while Morgan reads a Dr. Seuss book as he waits for Leah and I to be done with clay. Leah with her creation.
dscf6919-220×165.jpg dscf6921-220×165.jpg
Sitting down for story time.
Water play! Water flowed from one side to the other while you could set up fences to determine where the water would go. Ducks and boats could be released at the top and you could watch them go down the maze you set for them.
dscf6925-220×165.jpg dscf6926-220×165.jpg
It was a great day. I would love to have a children’s museum near our house.

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