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Leah learned how to ride a bike! We borrowed a friend’s strider for a week so she could get the hang of balancing after awhile of training wheels. She learned at Grandma and Grandpa’s house which is on a nice, quiet stretch of road. She can start and stop on her own but still needs practice staying on the sidewalk.
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Joel is so different than Leah. He refuses to touch cake so I made him a veggie dump truck.
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Playing outside.
From blobs to crazy curls.
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Joel has started having cold cereal and milk for breakfast. Leah is very motherly to Joel and likes to teach and show him new things.
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The kids helping Daddy make breakfast. Joel loves to jump into my laundry pile while I’m folding. Though I normally do this on the floor, Joel still found a way to jump with the laundry on the table.
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Joel’s birthday cakes for his family birthday party.
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Everyone else had cake while Joel ate some strawberries, though he wouldn’t touch the strawberries that had whipped cream on them.
Leah and her beloved Rupert (named after her buddy’s bear). Leah made Rupert an air pack so he could go into space and tied it on him real tight.
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Leah’s airplane and painting outside. When the first really warm days of Spring hit, we try to spend all the time we can outside, including art time.
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Playdough! It is great to find an activity that engages the kids from 1-almost 5 at all of their levels.
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Joel’s 2 year old (plus a month) milestones

-lots of words such as dump truck, toothbrush, pants, eyebrows
-says please without prompting sometimes
-feeds himself very well
-put on a hoodie, jacket and pants by himself
-can sometimes put on his velcro shoes without help
-insists on climbing into his car seat and booster (for eating) on his own
-can climb onto our small climber and go down the slide
-loves ride on toys
-fascinated with trucks, diggers, trains (anything with wheels)
-can jump on his own
-can put his dishes away
-likes to pick out his cereal in the morning and put it on the counter
-pulls up a chair to the counter if something he wants is out of reach
-learning to share and wait patiently
-can paint, do stickers, can glue with help
-sleeps from about 7:30-7 with nap from 1-3
-lots of endurance for walking, doesn’t like to hold hands
-loves to help set the table, will place a fork at each place setting and say ‘mommy’s fork’ and so on

Leah’s quotes and questions
Does the hospital stay open all night? (Yes, because people might get hurt and need help at night too.) The workers there must get very tired.
Did Grandma and Grandpa look like Grandma and Grandpa when they were your mom and dad?
(What do grandmas and grandpas look like?) You know.

Leah just started swimming and soccer in April and is enjoying them both.

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