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By the camp fire.
Joel (and Leah too) was fascinated by the glow sticks Auntie Yesca brought.
We arrived before the cousins and Leah made a great friend with the girl in the camp site next to us. She was a year or two older but was super sweet. Leah and her new buddy would hangout at our campsite for a bit and then go over to hers.

As a mom I was trying to figure out how much freedom do I give Leah with people I’ve never met before. This question was repeated when she was asked to go on playdates with friends from kindergarten who I didn’t know at all.

During the day the three girls (Leah’s cousin, her new buddy and herself) would bike and play and at night, they set up their own little camp between our campsites. It was neat to see how Leah is growing up and off on her own.
The weather was quite cool. We had rain on the first night during dinner so we rushed the kids to the van to finish eating. We had the back hatch up and tried to make the best of it.

Not much swimming took place except for the kids. Here’s Morgan checking out the lake.
Our beautiful children. I’m so glad I took the camera out for a little bit.







In Oroville –


These are the only pictures I took in Oroville but we had a blast. I learned how to really slalom ski and get comfortable though I still need two skis to get up. Leah learned how to handle her bike really well at the campground as she wanted to keep up with the older girls and got lots of practice riding back and forth to the washrooms. Joel is doing really well on his strider, learning to balance and picking up some speed.

This trip we also learned Joel is allergic to wasps. He swelled up a lot on his hand so we will have to be super viligant next summer.

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