Life19 May 2015 02:34 pm

In the past we have gone up to Oroville for the May long weekend which has been super fun. Now that we are in Vancouver, I was concerned about the long car ride as well as heavy traffic coming home on Monday. (Our kids rarely are in a vehicle so trips to my parents seem so long with lots of ‘are we there yet’ type questions.) Though I was disappointed, I shouldn’t have been. This weekend was full of fun times.

Leah had a pro d day on Friday. We met up with friends and hung out on the playground and at Second beach for a few hours before biking off to Science World to meet up with friends from White Rock. Joel generally does not like his picture taken these days. He has such a vivid imagination these days and was playing intensely, jumping on and off this fire truck, pulling off hoses and ladders to put out the fires before jumping back on and driving off in a rush. He also is now confident enough to include other kids who he just met in his imaginative play. Here he is avoiding the picture.


Leah’s top tooth finally fell out. It was barely hanging on for awhile now.



On Saturday, friends of ours watched our kids so we could hike the Grouse Grind. It was a lot of fun to hike and just have some time together on an adventure. We took car2go there which was super convenient. The hike was a lot steeper than I thought it would be with lots of stairs.

On Monday we went to Bowen Island with a friend of mine and her family. We had a lot of fun exploring, walking through the forest and treasuring the small town, quiet atmosphere. It was a beautiful day to take the ferry and walk about the island.







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