Life04 Aug 2016 01:49 am

Today marks two years since we moved to Vancouver. I fell in love with the way of life very early on. The walkability of our neighbourhood is amazing along with great, safe bike routes and beautiful views. It was a bit lonely early on but I knew once we got more established and found some friends, this would be a neighbourhood we would want to stay in.

We had amazing friends and family help load up our moving truck and bring everything up to our apartment as well as a dear friend who took the kids to the playground while we moved. We realized that night we had brought too much stuff over and the unpacking, organizing and purging began. We traded in furniture for new stuff from Ikea that fit our space much better.

Now the West End feels like home. We know many people in the neighbourhood, have many friends and acquaintances and are friends with the cashiers at our favourite places to shop.

I’m so glad we took the plunge and moved into the city. We are very fortunate that we are able to still visit our families regularly. At my mom’s we get to enjoy all the benefits of living in the suburbs. The kids can run free in the backyard at any time and I get to get my hands dirty in the garden and do laundry without paying or walking down the hall.

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