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Today we were off to the Lourve. The museum is full of art in a building that is art itself.


We talked about how the king used to live at the Louvre and Joel decided he would like to be king and had some thoughts on how he would run this place.

If Joel was king, he’d invite you to his birthday party room. If you were really polite you could eat smarties out of the fancy red bowl. If you were only a little bit polite, you could have smarties out of the blue bowl. He would invite Leah the queen, daddy, who would be the king’s helper and mommy, who gets to be the princess.


We had downloaded a great audio guide that pointed out works of art throughout one wing of the museum. It kept us fascinated as we journeyed through.

Some of the art work reminds me of what I remember from textbooks in elementary school.


As art speaks to the people’s values back in their day, I wonder what people will think when they look back at the art produced today. I wonder how the art produced during that day was received.

I used to have framed pictures around our house when we lived in a house but now we rent and have concrete walls and I haven’t put in the effort to hang anything up. The kids have used scotch tape to put up their artwork around the living room. I’m not overly proud of how art is and isn’t present in our house but I don’t think anything is going to change anytime soon.

Visiting the Louvre was a great experience. There was so much variety of art and the kids were engaged with everything to see. I feel a bit more cultured now.

This week has been quite the experience. We’ve picnicked at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre and Versailles. It still feels a little unreal that our family is seeing some of the big sights in Europe.

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