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A cool ‘boat’ right next to our bus stop.


We took the bus out to Phoenix Park which is an expansive park in the city. They had a neat visitor centre highlighting the features of the park as well as its past. It was great to visit when it started to downpour. Thankfully the rain passed quickly. There was a garden with a large wall around it to keep the deer out. There were many vegetables growing alongside beautiful flowers.


There were lots of lovely, large bumblebees.


We spent some time at the playground before going off in search of the deer.


We found the papal cross. Morgan is standing at the bottom. Pope John Paul II held mass here for 1.25 million people.


We also found this vehicle.


After some more walking we found the deer.


The park was commissioned by a Duke for royal hunting grounds.


So a large wall was built around the entire park and pheasants and deer were placed within the walls for the royals to hunt. The deer from that herd hundreds of years ago still reside there.


Then it was off to my friend’s house where we ate a lovely dinner and spent the rest of our evening outside. Their neighbour was wrapping hay bales in the field so we had to check it out. (It’s hard to see unless you enlarge the picture.)


They have a metal fence in their front yard to keep the sheep out.


We roasted marshmallows by the fire.


It was great to be back at my friend’s place and share all about our journey and see familiar faces again.


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