March 2007

Site31 Mar 2007 09:27 am

I’ve updated the gallery with photos and movies from our wedding and honeymoon. There are 1000 items in all. It took me quite a few hours to go through them all to take out the bad ones, rotate, upload, and sort them. There aren’t any captions yet, but now that they’re uploaded, we can see about doing that.

Site20 Mar 2007 07:03 pm

I’ve set up on Dreamhost web host. There was a great deal that had to be taken advantage of. Plus I’ve been wanting to blog some goings on and pictures. I’ve also set up a gallery at where I will be uploading wedding and vacation pictures.

I still have some aesthetic properties to change for the site, but as I spend less time moving and dog sitting, I will be able to make more updates.