February 2010

Life27 Feb 2010 11:38 pm

Leah is growing up and expressing her independence in new ways as of late. She definitely is one determined little girl who cracks us up on a regular basis. Here are some of her new finds.

She is now designing her own jewelry.
Trying to make a hard hat look stylish with a dress by putting in on her head in every direction. Backwards won out.
Getting ready to go to the job site.
Cooking up some goodness.
Trying to help a friend by putting on his shoe.

After some convincing, Leah accepted that is was possible for her to own and use a jacket besides her brown winter coat. Now she goes out in her adorable, ladybug rain jacket when the weather is a bit warmer. On this particular day she picked out her hat as well. She loves to pick out what she wants to wear no matter the weather. I figure she is a smart girl and those gloves she is determined to wear in the warm sunshine will be off soon enough once we are outside. And if not, a little bit of sweat never hurt anybody.

Not everything is a choice though. If it is wet outside and we are going out to the yard, she needs to wear her rainpants, etc. I do try to jump ahead of her a bit when we are going out in public or when she doesn’t have a choice so then she only is given one option. Leah is a girl of opinions so we are continually trying to balance letting her make her own choices and what is best for her. I’m sure we will be still trying to find that balance as it gets readjusted so often for the rest of our lives.

Life16 Feb 2010 06:13 pm

edscf0588.jpg edscf0587.jpg

Life15 Feb 2010 09:15 pm

I’m so happy to see signs of Spring this year, especially in my very own backyard. These bulbs have survived after being completely overgrown by weeds and other plants for a few years. Their resiliency brings joy to my heart.
Last week I ordered our seeds for our vegetable garden and am looking forward to picking fresh vegetables again.

There is something so soothing and peaceful about working in a garden and getting your hands dirty. A lot of life lessons to be taught while tending the soil. I’m grateful this year to enjoy the beauty of flowers I didn’t sow and am looking forward to sowing and tending more this season.

Life14 Feb 2010 09:16 pm

My mom came over to our house on Friday and baked some special cookies with Leah. Leah loved helping stamp all of the hearts. On Saturday, we visited my mom and sister to decorate the cookies.
edscf0564.jpg edscf0570.jpg
Spreading the icing was a little tricky but Leah was a pro at putting on the heart sprinkles.
edscf0572.jpg edscf0574.jpg
She loved eating the cookies before they were iced but wouldn’t touch them after. If she knew what exactly she was putting on the cookies, I’m sure it would be a different story.
edscf0575.jpg edscf0579.jpg
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Life07 Feb 2010 09:44 pm

Look where mommy and daddy took me last weekend. edscf0518.jpg edscf0554.jpg
I loved looking out the windows at the skating rink as well as skiers and snowboarders but my all time favourite was saying bye to each yellow gondola as it passed by the window. I also soaked up all the attention from Grandpa, Grandma and my aunts and my uncles the whole long weekend.

Since it was my first time on a ski mountain, a few new experiences were in order. My mom told me how much fun riding on a sled would be but it is way overrated in my opinion. The moose was alright. With a name like Loose Moose, wouldn’t you be a little afraid too? I did the obligatory high five then sled it out of there fast.
edscf0513.jpg edscf0530.jpg

Sitting on a snowmobile was okay but skating is where it is at. My mom put these funny things on my boots that make you able to glide on the ice. I wanted to go off on my own but mommy had someone hold on to me saying something about lack of safety equipment. I still had lots of fun anyways.

edscf0532.jpg edscf0550.jpg

My favourite part of the weekend was hanging out with my family. I even got to have my first sleepover with my grandparents the first weekend after we went away. Life is good with the parents but the grandparents take it to a whole new level.
Thank you Mama and Bampa for all the good times.