August 2009

Life28 Aug 2009 03:12 pm

Ever since we have moved in, Morgan has been working lots of overtime, including Saturdays, so Leah and I try to keep busy and still make it a special day. I still look forward to the weekends as Morgan is generally at home helping take care of Leah during Saturday and it is a nice break from our weekday routine.

Now that Morgan is generally working, we sometimes will invite ourselves over to my parent’s house for the day (with their permission of course). We keep pretty busy over there between my sewing projects, shopping with my sister and hanging out with my mom. This Saturday we will be pickling cucumbers with my sister. Though I am not a huge fan of eating pickles, I enjoy the canning process along with my mom and sister.

This week we also squeezed in some time to can peaches with my mom which are mighty delicious. Ever since Leah has arrived, Morgan and I rarely make pancakes or waffles so we still had quite a few jars left over from last year. We used to make a nicer breakfeast on at least one day of the weekend which we would top with berry syrup and peaches or strawberries. I would love to get into that habit again.

Last year Leah wanted to watch all the action while this year I didn’t even get a picture of her as we were busy trying to keep her busy while canning.

She has grown up so much and still wants to be part of the action. I’m sure one day soon she will be helping us bring in the peaches from the garage and putting them into the jars.

Life25 Aug 2009 08:35 am

We have a great park very close to our house that has a playground as well as duck ponds and nice, paved walking paths. I like to take Leah for walks through the park so we can check out the squirrels and ducks, collect a few pine cones and leaves and the other day, I picked some blackberries as well.

Leah and I were hanging out at the playground when another mom and daughter came by with a bowl full of blackberries. I didn’t have a picking container so I offered Leah one last drink of water and then emptied it out so I could use it for berries. It didn’t take long to find some big bushes and while Leah was content sitting in her wagon, I picked away.

I was pretty sure Leah wouldn’t want to taste one as she refuses to touch any vegetable I put in front of her and most fruits as well. However, in her mostly white shirt she decided she wanted to try one and let me know loud and clear about her desire. I offered one and she ate it making quite the sour face. I though I would get off okay with Leah just trying one, no berries on her shirt yet and I could easily wipe off her hands. But much to my surprise she wanted more. She had one berry in each hand for the ride home, replacing them every now and then for one she had eaten.


She managed to get blackberries on her hat, shirt, shorts and shoes. The only piece of clothing that was exempt was her diaper which I am sure would have got a piece of the action if it wasn’t fully covered in other clothing.

I thought a messy, possibly stained shirt is a small sacrifice to pay for my child to make the leap into trying out fruits and vegetables without me hiding them into her food throughout the day. So when I offered her some more blackberries the next day while sitting in her booster with her sleeves rolled up and her bib on, I had great expectations. All I got was a frown and a child pushing them to the edge of her tray.

Life24 Aug 2009 10:15 am

This weekend as I was making some eggs for breakfeast, Leah was at my feet with her arms outstretched wanting to be held. Not really the best time for a cuddle, but I figured she get wanted to see what I was doing so I set her on the counter. She immediately reached over to the dish rack, picked out the flipper and starting scrambling the eggs.


I remember that was the first thing we were allowed to cook as kids. I guess eggs are fool proof enough, just crack them open into the frying pan and don’t stop stirring until they look done. I think we were ten or eleven until we earned that privilege but really, why not start them young?

Speaking of starting them young, I have started putting Leah onto the toilet while holding her so she gets used to the concept. I’m not expecting anything big but I’m not opposed to earlier rather than later. In fact, the earlier the better.

Life18 Aug 2009 09:58 pm

We are all moved in except for a few things still at Morgan’s mom’s house. Almost everything has a place and we are trying to keep everything in it’s place. There are still rooms that need more organization, closets that need more shelving, wallpaper that needs to go and walls that could use some paint.

However, right now I am content with all that is unpacked and realizing that everything doesn’t need to be done right now. It will take us a long time to truly make this place our own and I’m learning to accept that. We are doing little by little when we have time while still having some balance in our lives.

Leah has a wonderful play area outfitted a workshop bench, trucks, blocks in addition to many other toys. There are many plastic tools that she has never seen being used so she uses her creativity finding her own uses for a saw, hammer, level and nails. When Morgan is doing home improvements, we will have to let Leah watch for an educational lesson or two. For the next year or so I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities. Here she is all ready to work with her hard hat on.


Morgan is already teaching her well. Safety first.

Life14 Aug 2009 01:29 pm

I’ve heard the phrase ‘the days are long but the years are short’ referring to the journey of parenthood and I do believe it is true. Some days seem a lot longer than others though and each day spent with a child always has at least a piece of joy. I took a trip down memory lane while packing all of her baby clothes up along with her rattles and mobile and reflected on how fast the time has truly gone. Now it seems she is so grown up.

Leah’s ability to learn right now is amazing. I have been trying to at least scratch the surface of her mind and expose her to some new things. She also seems to be enjoying the learning process as the last two mornings when I go to get her up out of her crib, she keeps pointing to her nose. We have been teaching her to point to some basic body parts and she seems proud to do it (except on command in front of others, but she really can do it).

I love that Leah knows some sign language and is slowly learning more (as I take out more books from the library and learn along with her). Though it is great, when she wants to point out her head with yogurt covered hands the joy doesn’t always well up within me. When she rubs her chest to say please along with her bright brown, pleading eyes I find it hard to say no even what it is something she really shouldn’t have. I still love it though.

She is a close observer and wants to be like us, which freaks me out a bit. If I could just pass on my positive qualities I wouldn’t be so concerned. But on the other hand, when she copies it can be so endearing as well.

Here she is, trying out some cool things adults do.

aimg_6395.jpg aimg_6405.jpg

Life07 Aug 2009 11:05 am

We received our keys to the house on noon so we loaded up the truck while Leah was having her nap and then waited for the minutes to tick by. I was a little nervous about leaving the truck outside loaded with no one nearby watching it so we took Leah’s ball outside and let her roam around courtyard.

She loves exploring and interacting with her environment.
I think our little girl has some spunk in her.
aimg_6346.jpg aimg_6347.jpg
Not exactly sure what this dance move is called…
Playing on our crowded apartment deck one last time.

Sometimes I think she is very girly and other times I see her sharing some qualities with the tomboys. Leah loves to dance when she hears music, wherever we happen to be. She has also discovered how to put my purse around her neck and walk around and when we go shopping, she loves looking at shiny things, pointing them out and saying wow.

Other times she loves playing with the trucks at the park, can shove her friends with a football tackle when they are doing something she doesn’t like and gets filthy playing in the sand and dirt. We have taught her how to kick a ball which she loves playing with, but now thinks that is how you play with trucks too, by kicking them across the room.

I love seeing her develop and grow and sometimes wonder what she will be like a few years down the road. I can guide and nurture but her personality is definitely her own. I am loving the time now and also excited to see her bloom.

Life04 Aug 2009 08:32 am

Getting ready
Trial run with the mattress
Now the real deal
Do not attempt at home without two strong, tall men in blue plaid shirts
Man, those couches are heavy
Put couches onto truck
Unload at new house, sit and relax on said couches while having a cool drink and pizza.
There are no pictures of the last step due to fatigue but I am sure you can figure it out.

Life03 Aug 2009 01:42 pm

The word harvest might be a little over the top but there is some truth in it. Every time I wanted some lettuce for sandwiches, I pulled a leaf or two off until I noticed the plants were starting to grow like a tree with leaf branches. That is when we got serious and starting using it for salads.


I asked Morgan how this wonderful salad tasted that I had made and his reply was not quite the enthusiastic response I was looking for. He asked if the lettuce was from my garden because it tasted a little bit bitter. At least he is honest. In my humble and also honest opinion, maybe a touch bitter but still crunchy, great and tasty with a touch of dressing on the salad.

The carrots and peppers are looking great. I was so excited to see the plants produce the vegetables as I had wavering faith.

aimg_6325.jpg aimg_6326.jpg

On moving day, Morgan and I split the first red cherry tomato. I have three varieties that I selected to increase my chances of a harvest. This is one of the bigger tomato varietiesthough all are doing well and producing tons of green tomatoes.


Next year I hope to have a garden in the ground and now that I have some knowledge to build upon, we are dreaming bigger.