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We have a great park very close to our house that has a playground as well as duck ponds and nice, paved walking paths. I like to take Leah for walks through the park so we can check out the squirrels and ducks, collect a few pine cones and leaves and the other day, I picked some blackberries as well.

Leah and I were hanging out at the playground when another mom and daughter came by with a bowl full of blackberries. I didn’t have a picking container so I offered Leah one last drink of water and then emptied it out so I could use it for berries. It didn’t take long to find some big bushes and while Leah was content sitting in her wagon, I picked away.

I was pretty sure Leah wouldn’t want to taste one as she refuses to touch any vegetable I put in front of her and most fruits as well. However, in her mostly white shirt she decided she wanted to try one and let me know loud and clear about her desire. I offered one and she ate it making quite the sour face. I though I would get off okay with Leah just trying one, no berries on her shirt yet and I could easily wipe off her hands. But much to my surprise she wanted more. She had one berry in each hand for the ride home, replacing them every now and then for one she had eaten.


She managed to get blackberries on her hat, shirt, shorts and shoes. The only piece of clothing that was exempt was her diaper which I am sure would have got a piece of the action if it wasn’t fully covered in other clothing.

I thought a messy, possibly stained shirt is a small sacrifice to pay for my child to make the leap into trying out fruits and vegetables without me hiding them into her food throughout the day. So when I offered her some more blackberries the next day while sitting in her booster with her sleeves rolled up and her bib on, I had great expectations. All I got was a frown and a child pushing them to the edge of her tray.

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  1. on 25 Aug 2009 at 2:19 pm Katherine


    sometimes you win. sometimes you lose!

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