We had our first picnic of the year on our deck in March. Time to replace toques and mittens with sun hats and hoodies.
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Morgan drove semi truck for a couple of months. Leah enjoyed checking out the truck and pretending to drive.
Every night Morgan was gone, he would email three pictures to me to show Leah before bedtime. It was a neat way of helping Leah still feel connected to Morgan and know that he was thinking about her even though he wasn’t there to tuck her in at night. He would take pictures of random things he thought Leah would like. Here are two of the pictures he sent. A row of tires at a truck repair shop and a car with a mohawk.
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The truck is not permitted on the road where we live so we would sometimes walk with Morgan to the truck.
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Joel is starting to have lots of opinions. He likes to do what everyone else is doing. I can no longer enjoy a snack unless he has some food too. He loves sitting on chairs but pushes the table away and he hasn’t figured out how to safely get off a chair yet.
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Here is Leah singing and doing the actions at her preschool presentation.
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Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we spend hours outside. Joel loves cars and spent quite awhile crawling while pushing a car around making car noises while I was baking. He also loves his truck which he sits on and drives around the house. He has figured out how to steer with his feet.
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I love how Leah is all dressed up with her hair up and she is tromping around with rain pants on.
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