All Candidates Meeting at WECC
Thursday, October 8

NDP- Constance Barnes
-single mom who raised two kids
-housing, seniors and daycare are important issues
-women’s rights

Green-Lisa Barrett
-single mom who raised kids
-mayor of Bowen Island in the past
-balanced budget, housing co-ops, trade agreements that look out for citizens

Liberal-Hedy Fry
-MP for 22 years, doctor at St Paul’s

What would your party do if a minority government was formed?
NDP – has wanted to form a coalition government but have been told no by conservatives
G – Elizabeth May has done well, willing to work with parties to get the job done
Lib – ask that later, running to win, but will work with other parties

Oil Spills
G – stop subsidizing tar sands, opposed to twinning Kinder Morgan pipelines, says scientists are unmuzzled
NDP – unmuzzle scientists, nothing will move forward till scientists speak, immediately reopen Kits coast guard, look into green technology
Lib – lobbied for Kits coast guard, will reopen marine communication, wants environmental assessment before pipelines

Foreign investments, properties in trust, income tax loopholes
Lib – wants research, bring back the long form census, need a good housing strategy
G – home is a right, not a commodity, tax laws written by those who will benefit such as deathly and real estate, too many numbered companies buying, need to reinstate justice department and its lawyers to address people bypassing laws
NDP – need data

Bill C51
NDP – no amendments, repeal
Lib – our job is protect citizens from harm and protect freedoms, had six amendments, four passed
G – immediately repeal, need a very strong, vocal voice to fight

Mentally Ill
G – need everyone to work together including local health authorities. Housing first, then support right away
NDP – mental health innovation fund ($25 million), concerned with indigenous youth, addiction
Lib – house, wants to provide supportive care,, reengaging mental health with medicare
Two most important issues of West End
G – affordability, cost of young people in university (cap current student debt), be tuition free, childcare (support employers providing onsite daycare with tax incentives)
NDP – housing, bill C51, bring back national housing strategy, co-op housing subsidies will be gone in 2017 with Harper
Lib – housing, seniors (her third would be at risk youth). $20 billion in social structure over ten years, likes co-op housing and supportive housing, ability to buy your own home, increase senior’s guaranteed income

Affordable and accessible higher education
Lib – $3000/year grant (not a loan) per student for those who can’t afford, pay back requirements for student loans would start once student has a good job
NDP – no interest on loans, practicums/interns would be paid, make sure housing is there and $15/day daycare
G – cap current student debt at $10,000 (forgive anything above that), guaranteed livable income for everyone regardless of work which would ensure everyone lives in dignity

Agriculture – viable employment and food security
G – agriculture has been under attack, big business has taken away the family farm, selling off wheat board was a bad decision
NDP – against TPP, she advocated for and helped build community gardens, fruit tress
Lib – protect agricultural land, farmers who lose crops because of climate will receive aid from government, waiting to see what TPP before forming an opinion

Climate change
Lib – national environmental strategy, clear guidelines but provinces can meet them how they wan, protect fresh water
NDP – want to bring back climate change cap and trade
G – ending tar sands/fracking industry subsidies, national energy plan, reinvest in clean energy (with $$ from polluters), reinstate energy efficient standards

Seniors housing and seniors in general
NDP – national seniors housing, lift 400,000 seniors out of poverty, pharmacare strategy to buy in bulk to bring costs down, need to keep St Pauls in downtown, change age for retirement money from 67 to 65, automatically would get this money, do away with complicated forms, keep co-ops
G – home care to age in place, respite for caregivers, expand CPP, national seniors housing, support national pharmacare strategy, against trade agreements that hold us captive to high med prices, guaranteed liveable income for those 18 and over
Lib – healthcare and housing, increase money for seniors, whole care facilities, community care and home care strategy, transit is important, expand CPP (for those who have been out of the workforce possibly raising children)

Employment Insurance
Lib – removing 940 hours of work requirement, strengthen it for caregiver leave, decrease taxes for businesses that create jobs
NDP – create 90,000 jobs so people have places to work, have jobs to people can get trained on the job, losing jobs because of cutbacks so strong job market will help
G – stop raiding EI funds to balance budget, that money is for the workers, training programs for jobs, no one forced into a training program, dignity for all

Affordable daycare
G – national daycare strategy, give tax incentives to employers who provide daycare onsite, work together with municipalities and provinces
Lib – daycare is provincial, will work with provinces, ensure to build daycare spaces
NDP – take 2% from CEO’s of top companies to pay more for daycare

NDP – proportional representation
G – proportional representation possibly, want consultation with Canadians
Lib – proportional representation possibly, would have all party committee talking to Canadians

What will your party do to regulate foreign investment but not sell our country?
Lib – like Australian model, set limits on ownership, requires certain amount of national workers, live in global world, let’s not tax them to death
NDP – need data
G – sits on housing committees, says investment’s interests are being protected currently but not protecting citizens, would fight for citizen’s interests

Market housing
Lib – look at full spectrum of housing
NDP – this is a municipal issue
G – all levels of government to work together, no need to wait for data

My question I asked personally to each candidate after the formal questions were done. How does your $10/15 a day daycare plan help my family where we have chosen to have a parent stay at home?
Lib – removing tax on child benefits, will reduce taxes by 7% for the middle class (this assumes families with a stay at home parent are middle class)
NDP – daycare is great, you should send your child for socialization and further development in areas you can’t provide
The Greens don’t have a subsidized daycare plan, so I asked more generally.
G – We support choice and making sure everyone lives in dignity so we provide everyone with a livable income and they can choose.