September 2013

Life25 Sep 2013 12:35 pm

Leah’s preschool had a Mother’s Day Tea for us moms. It was really sweet to see Leah belt out the songs and perform all the actions. After the presentation, we played a game and then the kids served us cake.


For the long weekend, we went up to Oroville with my parents and my sister and her family. We had a lot of run relaxing, spending time with family and boating. Leah and Morgan fell off the tube for the first time. The tube went under the water and thankfully Morgan had prepared Leah for the possibility and she wasn’t too scared.









Life20 Sep 2013 01:32 pm

We invited all the girls from Leah’s preschool as there was only seven of them along with the neighbour girls. We had a small turn out but had lots of fun. Just the girls stayed for the first part while we made necklaces, had snack and played outside. We invited the families to come back for cake. I convinced Leah instead of presents to ask for donations to the food bank. Leah thought this was a good idea as her preschool had recently talked about kids in Africa without clean water and food.

DSCF7452 DSCF7451

My mom came and helped with the party. She took this family picture for us.


Even if everyone isn’t looking or particularly happy, I still treasure our family pictures.

Life17 Sep 2013 01:30 pm

Way back in April when Leah was still in preschool, they had pirate day. I went through our closets to see what I could dig it and I was pretty proud of what we came up with. I had no clue what to do about the hat but her daycare friend that also goes to preschool brought some black poster board to make these hats with.
Joel and Leah with their summer hats.
Leah had a pirate day field trip at the beach. I took the afternoon off and took Leah. I was so glad I got to be able to go (usually my mom or Morgan’s mom takes her) and spend that time together. We searched for pirate gold coins in the sand, had a snack, played with a parachute and had lots of fun.