November 2013

Life07 Nov 2013 07:47 pm

I love how much our kids love each other. They know how to make each other laugh and sing obnoxiously loud to the same songs over and over again.

Joel loves…
-line-ups. He saw a line up at a drive thru and was a bit sad we didn’t go in the line up just because it was a line up.
-vehicles of all kinds.
-riding his strider.
-little babies.
-wearing two shirts at a time (just like his best buddy).
-pears, bananas, oranges and grapes.

Leah loves…
-hot chocolate and treats with Daddy.
-playing Super Mario and watching others play on Daddy’s old Nintendo.
-going to Kindergarten.
-her teacher and her friends.
-being a leader.

Joel is sporadically napping these days as nap time is much earlier with Leah in school. He can ‘balance’ on his strider and can keep up a good pace. He will walk to and from Leah’s school (1.5 km) without complaint. Joel loves to help set the table and get things from the fridge. Joel loves circle time but is not really into painting or the other art projects we do. He adores his grandparents and especially playing with cars with Grandpa. Joel is now fully toilet trained though he prefers the potty still.

Leah is learning to read and can read sentences such as Sam can hit the bat. She has to sound out almost every word but isn’t crazy about reading. She rides her bike to school almost everyday. Leah doesn’t like when I change things around the house and treasures every art project she does.

Life07 Nov 2013 07:46 pm

I’ve enjoyed fall so much more now that I have kids. There are so many large trees in our neighbourhood that change into amazing colour and then fall to the ground.
There is no lack of leaves to throw up in the air or run throw and kick and the park close to us.
I miss getting pictures of Leah in the leaves and on the playground.
Joel loves hanging us with his buddies all day.
Peek a boo.
Off to the pumpkin patch with our care group friends.
Family pic.
Another one.
Joel with the pumpkin he picked out.
Leah and Joel.
Joel loved the tractor.
Big pumpkin.
We also grew two pumpkins in our garden this year. Since we don’t celebrate Hallowe’en, we kept Leah at home from school and Morgan took the day off. Morgan and Leah spent most of the day, preparing the pumpkin to make pumpkin puree and then making pumpkin pie. They made three pies together.

On Hallowe’en night, we went out to dinner with my parents and kept everything really low-key. Leah was totally okay with not celebrating, though Grandpa bringing her some candy was a big hit.

Life02 Nov 2013 01:02 pm

This September Leah entered kindergarten. I was a little bit nervous about full-day (8:30-2:30) but she has done well. Her teacher is very friendly, caring and warm which makes such a difference. Leah is a leader in her classroom and is very encouraging to others in her class.

Her favourite station at school is ‘make it and take it’ where you make your own creation on paper using felts, glue and scissors. Leah regularly comes home with artwork from her friends for a book she is compiling from this station.

After school the first few weeks, Leah would come home pretty tired but she seems to have adjusted now. We do have to be pretty strict about a seven o’clock bedtime on school nights so she isn’t tired and grumpy the next day. She generally wakes up at seven in the morning or shortly thereafter and we are off to school a little after eight. Leah has been riding her bike most days while I push a stroller.

Just before I dropped her off on the first day, I tried to get a picture of Leah. This is what I got;