Life02 Nov 2013 01:02 pm

This September Leah entered kindergarten. I was a little bit nervous about full-day (8:30-2:30) but she has done well. Her teacher is very friendly, caring and warm which makes such a difference. Leah is a leader in her classroom and is very encouraging to others in her class.

Her favourite station at school is ‘make it and take it’ where you make your own creation on paper using felts, glue and scissors. Leah regularly comes home with artwork from her friends for a book she is compiling from this station.

After school the first few weeks, Leah would come home pretty tired but she seems to have adjusted now. We do have to be pretty strict about a seven o’clock bedtime on school nights so she isn’t tired and grumpy the next day. She generally wakes up at seven in the morning or shortly thereafter and we are off to school a little after eight. Leah has been riding her bike most days while I push a stroller.

Just before I dropped her off on the first day, I tried to get a picture of Leah. This is what I got;






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