What a difference a year and a few months can make. The picture of Leah was from her preschool open house in Spring before she started preschool and now she is going to four year old preschool in September.
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A morning at the beach.
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Grandpa with our kids all wearing VW shirts. This is what happens when Grandpa does a rare shopping expedition.
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Joel swinging on our new to us playground.
Morgan helping me with the fence. My veggie garden is doing rather well this year. I have potatoes, tomatoes, onions, a lone strawberry plant, a ginormous pumpkin plant and rhubarb.
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Joel with his favourite toy by far. These bowling pins are generally used for hitting balls around the house but also effective to get someone’s attention really quick by bopping them on the head.
Finally decorating our house. Here are some frames in Leah’s room.
I also made her a bulletin board. Some frames in the kitchen.
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I got Leah to help me paint and draw some flowers and a tree for the living room. Some more space to show off the kid’s artwork.
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We have been having a nice summer. My daycare load is pretty light so we’ve been lying low more. A couple of days a week I have a boy or two in the morning, so at nap time Leah watches a movie or creates art while I do yard work or putter around the house. I’m trying to get cupboards organized, baby stuff removed and make our house more of our own. I’ve also had more time to focus on the yard which I enjoy.

Leah and Joel are having a sleepover tonight at my parents so Morgan and I could go paddle boarding today. We had so much fun and I’m sure the kids are too. Speaking of sleepovers, Leah had her first sleepover recently. She was at the neighbour’s, who she spends tons of time with, so I felt really comfortable with sending her over. It was also nice knowing if she was upset, we were just across the street. Leah and one of her buddies was asleep by 8:30 with her other friend whispering her name til much later. Leah was pretty cute going over there with her sleeping bag, backpack on and pillow in hand. She told me tonight the only things that are fun are sleepovers and Oroville.

What Joel has been up to lately –
-making many more sounds (oh, ah)and sometimes trying to copy what you say, nothing overly clear yet besides Leah
-found his screaming voice, not used when angry yet
-can throw a temper tantrum, throwing himself on the floor on his stomach, crying
-very steady on his feet
-rejecting veggies more lately
-loves to play peek a boo, will initiate play
-gives food bowl when done, doesn’t throw food on the floor anymore
-likes to put things back
-plays t-ball
-colours with felts, taking the lids off, colouring on the paper and then putting the lids back on

What Leah has been up to lately –
-loves to play chasing games with Joel
-crosses her arms and stomps feet when annoyed
-loves to paint, makes playdough shapes, colours and paints them
-likes toe nail polish
-knows how to pump on the swing
-knows her phone number and address, can add small numbers
-loves glitter and shiny things