Life03 Aug 2009 01:42 pm

The word harvest might be a little over the top but there is some truth in it. Every time I wanted some lettuce for sandwiches, I pulled a leaf or two off until I noticed the plants were starting to grow like a tree with leaf branches. That is when we got serious and starting using it for salads.


I asked Morgan how this wonderful salad tasted that I had made and his reply was not quite the enthusiastic response I was looking for. He asked if the lettuce was from my garden because it tasted a little bit bitter. At least he is honest. In my humble and also honest opinion, maybe a touch bitter but still crunchy, great and tasty with a touch of dressing on the salad.

The carrots and peppers are looking great. I was so excited to see the plants produce the vegetables as I had wavering faith.

aimg_6325.jpg aimg_6326.jpg

On moving day, Morgan and I split the first red cherry tomato. I have three varieties that I selected to increase my chances of a harvest. This is one of the bigger tomato varietiesthough all are doing well and producing tons of green tomatoes.


Next year I hope to have a garden in the ground and now that I have some knowledge to build upon, we are dreaming bigger.

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