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Look where mommy and daddy took me last weekend. edscf0518.jpg edscf0554.jpg
I loved looking out the windows at the skating rink as well as skiers and snowboarders but my all time favourite was saying bye to each yellow gondola as it passed by the window. I also soaked up all the attention from Grandpa, Grandma and my aunts and my uncles the whole long weekend.

Since it was my first time on a ski mountain, a few new experiences were in order. My mom told me how much fun riding on a sled would be but it is way overrated in my opinion. The moose was alright. With a name like Loose Moose, wouldn’t you be a little afraid too? I did the obligatory high five then sled it out of there fast.
edscf0513.jpg edscf0530.jpg

Sitting on a snowmobile was okay but skating is where it is at. My mom put these funny things on my boots that make you able to glide on the ice. I wanted to go off on my own but mommy had someone hold on to me saying something about lack of safety equipment. I still had lots of fun anyways.

edscf0532.jpg edscf0550.jpg

My favourite part of the weekend was hanging out with my family. I even got to have my first sleepover with my grandparents the first weekend after we went away. Life is good with the parents but the grandparents take it to a whole new level.
Thank you Mama and Bampa for all the good times.

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