Life11 Jul 2008 10:55 am

On Friday of the long weekend, Leah and I picked up Morgan from work and after running a few errands, we were off to my parent’s place to hitch a ride in their nice, air conditioned vehicle to Oroville. My parent’s have a cabin on Osoyoos Lake in the US that is a great way to spend summer holidays.

We took our time driving up, with my parents and Morgan exploring random roadside terrain whenever Leah decided she was hungry. Actually, she timed it pretty well; a gas station in Abbotsford, Manning Park Lodge and Keremeos. The thermometer was reading over 30 during the day so we spent a lot of time inside with the air conditioning so Leah wouldn’t melt. Morgan and I did get some watersports in with the help of some babysitting by Grandma.

Leah was pretty spoiled. From her bed (her all new packn’play), she had a lakeside view while also getting in on all the action in the cabin as well. Mommy was also pretty spoiled as well. There were lots of hands willing to hold Leah and play with her, the play mostly involving talking in high pitched voices about lots of nothingness trying to get a smile out of her. Even a few hands willing to take on diaper changing. Here is how she spent one morning.

My parent’s large SUV was packed to the max. It is amazing how much luggage Leah had packed for this weekend. She insisted on bringing her stroller, chair, snugli, multiple changes of clothes for each day, bed and bedding. Leah does create a lot of laundry.

I was fortunate enough to use my mom’s washing machine and clothesline to help get all the laundry done while Morgan was at the berry farm helping my dad with the Canada Day pancake breakfast. We walked over to visit with Uncle Trevor and they quickly put us to work. Leah supervised from her stroller.

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