Life16 Jul 2008 11:45 am

Last Friday, we went out to Abbotsford to see Morgan’s cousin, Brennyn who is visiting from Grand Forks. We decided to go mini golfing at Castle Fun Park. While I fed Leah, Morgan and Brennyn tried out various games winning us enough tickets for four candies. Once Leah was satisfied, we ventured into the deep, blue ocean for a round of golf. I tried to golf with Leah in the snugli. My beginning points reflect my difficulty in golfing with one hand. I tried with two but then I couldn’t see the ball. We kept passing Leah around, which she didn’t seem to mind. Brennyn loved holding her while Morgan diligently kept score. Apparently being passed around is pretty exhausting as she fell asleep around the ninth hole. Morgan tried out the snugli with better success for the last half of the course and still beat both Brennyn and I.

We decided to try out the batting cages before we headed out to Dairy Queen where Leah could experience her first chocolate dipped cone. Staring at it was as close as she got before Daddy and I ate it up.

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