Life04 Sep 2008 08:29 pm

We are in Oroville this weekend with my parents and brother in our cabin and my aunt and uncle with their family in the other cabin. I have really enjoyed playing lots of board and card games, which I haven’t played since Leah was born and just hanging out with my family. The lake is so choppy from the constant wind it looks like an ocean.

Morgan kept himself busy trying to build a kite, which is harder than it sounds. There aren’t too many materials around so it requires lots of creativity. After many attempts, we tried out the kite we found in the closet. Also unsuccessful, the boys went to Princes to buy cheap pirate kites which flew so well, the string broke and one of the kites flew away.

It did eventually calm down on Monday and we were able to do some skiing and wakeboarding. We were able to hang out outside which seemed like such a treat!

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