Life08 Sep 2008 09:56 am

copy-of-img_4688.jpg I am usually the one who dresses Leah but Daddy also gets the chance once and awhile as well. I have my favorites and generally go casual with Leah. Morgan surprises me because he will pick something from the bottom of the pile (which I don’t always get to as I do so much laundry she could never get to the bottom of the pile and with the amount of clothes she has I’m not sure it is possible) and combine with something i would never have tried.

copy-of-img_4693.jpg This Sunday morning, he dressed her in one of her adorable dresses. She has so many and they are so cute but I forget about them sometimes and if we are home all day, why bother? And when she looks so cute, what mommy could resist taking a whole whack of pictures hoping desperately one will turn out. My photography skills need a little help, but I am working on it as I have never taken so many pictures in my life. I love the second pic, not because of the great quality of the shot, hehe, but because of her expression and how happy and laid back she looks. This is our Leah (most of the time anyways, last night at bedtime not included).

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