Life12 Sep 2008 09:16 am

On the weekend, Leah and I visited my mom and canned almost one hundred pounds of peaches with my sister and her friend. It was good times. Leah definitely wanted to see what was going on and was not at all content to be propped up on the couch less than ten feet away from us. She is learning to express herself quite clearly these days as she will be happy as ever until you start to bend down to put her down. That only happens when she is tired or hungry, but she still is quite the character. I finally laid her on her back on the kitchen floor on top of a big pillow where she could see me cutting up the peaches and she was content.

1picture-005.jpgThis picture is before the floor when we still had enough table space for Leah. Looks pretty comfy. The first batch of peaches are ready to go into the jars.

Leah and I have been getting outside a lot in her new stroller, new to us, and going for walks. I had this great idea of motivating myself to get into shape and sign up for a 5 km run in December. It sounded wonderful at the time, until the other day I walked 5 km. It was a long walk. And where I walked, it was all flat. I have some work to do. We don’t have a jogging stroller, though we have been discussing purchasing a jogging stroller/ bike trailer. I find it difficult to run and push a stroller as I am accustomed to moving my hands and arms as I run. I haven’t actually registered for any runs so we will see how it goes….

1picture-001.jpgSo, do you think Leah has enough toys? She likes being around the action so I put her in the hallway as I was cleaning the bathroom. She did a great job of entertaining herself.

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