Life19 Sep 2008 10:48 am

A little while back, I thought enough is enough. Leah was going to bed when she wanted, which was closer to 11 whereas I thought around 8 o’clock would be more appropriate. So, it began. Sitting with Leah by the crib at 8 o’clock shooshing, patting and praying for sleep to come. When she would go down easily, she would get up around 9-9:30 to party for another hour or two. Not exactly what I had in mind. She also decided to start waking up at various times throughout the night, which was particularly frustrating because I know she can sleep at least eight hours in a solid chunk. They may be little but they sure know how to protest.

We got her on this routine now by banning all naps after 5 o’clock (which isn’t necessary now) while trying to keep her happy (or not crying) when she was pretty tired. Last night Leah slept from 8:40 to 6:20. Woohoo!! She had a very late nap at 6:45 which couldn’t be avoided due to over tiredness so she woke up a few times after 8 but went back to sleep pretty easily and then slept straight through after that. Good Job Leah!

This is Leah after her long sleep.

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