Life29 Sep 2008 06:23 pm

I wrote this post last week but never put it up because I meant to add pics.

The dreary weather has started as fall is here now. I am not looking forward to so many days of rain. The last two days it has been raining and I waited until the afternoon to go out with the rain had slowed to a sprinkle or even to a stop. Even if we go out to visit or shop during the day, I still feel cooped in without a walk. Didn’t realize how much of a daily habit that has become.

Today we walked to the local meat shop to find some dinner ideas and picked up some marinated herb and garlic chicken breasts. Yummy! We also passed by the fabric shop which I dragged our big stroller into to look at some adorable, expensive fabrics. There was some cheap, cute fabric perfect for a baby blanket outside but Leah already has so many blankets. Still, I was tempted.

I went back the next day and bought some fabric for a ‘snowsuit’ for Leah. I bought fleece off the clearance rack, super cheap and two patterns; one for the main body and another for the hat and ‘shoes’.

Not sure why I waited to post pictures, but here are a bunch of random shots.

asept29-001.jpg asept29-003.jpg asept29-009.jpg asept29-018.jpg asept29-013.jpg asept25-002.jpg

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