Life07 Oct 2008 08:54 pm

We went for a lovely walk with my sister and mom in Stanley Park on Saturday. What a beautiful part of the world we live in, though some of the plants led us to believe we could be in California until we were quickly brought to reality by the wind and rain. We didn’t let the weather deter us at all and we had a great time. The first picture we took, which you can see below, was to make sure we didn’t forget where we parked our vehicle. This is just off the pathway from the parking lot. Auntie Andrea is so smart.

We had a lovely lunch outside at a restaurant with a great ocean view. We sat outside as though it was sprinkling off and on, it was still quite warm. Not to mention, it was quite spacious on the patio as everyone else chose to dine indoors.

To keep Leah warm, we bundled her in her blankets. When it started to rain, I put the only waterproof thing I had to put over her legs to keep them from getting soaked…. her change pad. It wasn’t one of those bulky ones but it still was motivating enough that I went out a bought a stroller rain cover today.

aoct5-001.jpg aoct5-002.jpg aoct5-003.jpg aoct5-005.jpg aoct5-012.jpg

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