Life07 Oct 2008 08:39 pm

Well almost… She sure can ‘talk’ up a storm while throwing in an excited squeal every now and then. As far as the walking goes, when Uncle Chris came to visit, we were showing off how well she can stand and he decided to take it a few steps further, literally. She did indeed take a few steps while holding his hands. You have to really encourage the feet moving by using such tactics as moving one foot ahead of the other. On a more realistic note, she can sit up unaided for up to a minute. Time to pull out the baby book again.

We bought a high chair today. Leah loves it and so do I as she likes to sit up now as oppose to laying on the floor. Throw a few toys on the tray after you’ve buckled her in, wheel it to where you are cooking dinner or folding laundry or cleaning, you get the idea, and voila, you get a small (or medium if you are lucky) chunk of time to get stuff done.

My mom came over yesterday and we finished her snowsuit/bunting bag/’mommy still wants to go for walks and keep her baby warm’ outfit. Leah wasn’t too impressed with all the fittings she had to go through but we were ad-libbing the pattern a bit. We will try it out one day soon as the cold is quickly coming our way.

aoct5a-002.jpg aoct5a-003.jpg aoct5-017.jpg

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