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What do you do when you are having a bad day and nothing seems to be going right? After you have lost a cute slipper somewhere on the mile plus trek to the mall that your daughter has only worn once, when it starts to rain and your laundry is hanging outside and when your bread dough overflows so you can’t go back to look for it?
After you have sent your poor husband out on a wild goose chase to look for it though it is nowhere to be found after your adorable little girl manages to do a number two spilling out of her diaper, onto her pants, your pants, the chair you were sitting on and the carpet?

You try to relax and drink a glass of water when your little one decides to grab it.
Then you decide to add some fun to your day and give your little one a sippy cup of water to see what her reaction will be.
Then much to your husband’s and your surprise, she takes it! Yes, this is the girl who won’t take warm breast milk from a bottle but will take cold water from a sippy cup.

That walk to the mall was for baby cereal. After Leah would take a sippy cup, we decided to try some cereal the next day. Getting ready… as you can see, she was ready to help herself.
img_4927.jpg img_4928.jpg
And success! She had about two full spoonfuls and wasn’t totally sure what to think of it. We will do it again tonight!

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