Life27 Oct 2008 01:42 pm

On Saturday, Morgan and I had a date with a dinner and a movie, something we have not done for at least six months. We packed up Leah along with bottles of pumped milk, mushed up sweet potato with rice cereal, a bib, spoons, sleeper and diapers and dropped her off at my parent’s house. I didn’t even worry about her too much knowing that even though she won’t take a bottle from me she will take one from my mom if she is hungry enough.

Morgan and I had a really good time. We first went out for dinner before we watched Passchendaele, a Canadian WW1 movie with a love story. It was a little too realistic in the war scenes for me but I imagine if I cringe at it on the screen what must those men have felt actually experiencing it. Wow, what sacrifice and courage those men had.

Leah did very well, drinking up every last drop in her bottle and eating her solids as well and going to sleep right on time. She did wake up an hour and a half later and was being rocked in my mom’s arms when we pulled in. I fed her a little bit more than played with her a bit, even though she should be sleeping because I missed her. I knew the long car ride home would put her to sleep.

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