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We are off to Edmonton on Friday morning where we might be able to build a snowman. The temperatures are around zero degrees. I have been wanting to get a cute picture of Leah in the leaves which doesn’t look like it is going to happen this year. I wasn’t sure if she would sit up long enough and smile on her own. At least she would have some leaves as cushioning but putting her in the snow would just be wrong, even if it would be cute.

We are going to visit some friends in Edmonton and venture to Calgary for a day or two to visit a little bit more. I figure I should start packing soon or at least start a list. I am afraid to see how much stuff we will be bringing for a five day trip. Is it rude to say only one of you can come and greet us at the airport unless you bring a pick up truck or van?

Leah has been eating a lot more solids at breakfast and dinner and seems to be enjoying them now. She doesn’t grab at my spoon anymore which is nice. I had to give her another spoon just for her to hold when we started so she wouldn’t grab the spoon I was trying to feed her with. I think she understands the process now. Mommy needs to be able to move the spoon to feed me. As you can see below, her appetite is doing well for a variety of foods.

Christmas is less than two months away! I do strictly follow the rule of no decorating or Christmas songs before December 1st. Once December hits, go crazy but until then… hold your reindeer. At Bible study last Thursday they already had some decorations up. Wow! First people I have met that have even beat the stores. I am looking forward to it more this year. I think it will be more special now that we have Leah, though she obviously won’t understand it. I guess I will have to do the mommy thing and pick out a cute picture of her to send in all of our Christmas cards. I am looking forward to making our Christmas cards. I have found some time to get back into card making and I am loving it.

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