Life10 Nov 2008 08:37 am

We are in Edmonton again after a super short overnight trip to Calgary. We first stayed at with our friends in Edmonton for a night. After a great flight with Leah sleeping most of the way, we got picked up and went out to a Vietnamese restaurant. Going on recommendation from our friend, as I have never tried Vietnamese before, I discovered it is amazing. I will have to look up some recipes and see if I too can make a great vermicelli bowl. I mean, how hard can it be? Actually, I do have faith that my creation will be edible but they set a very high standard.

In Calgary we stayed with some friends Morgan met in the army. They are the only people I have met so far that have any ‘dirt’ on Morgan, or at least are willing to share anyways. Nothing too bad or anything, more funny and embarrassing. We went with them to visit more friends in Calgary and enjoy a delicious homemade meal of yams, potatoes and pork tenderloin along with a great salad.

We have been enjoying such great cooking this trip compliments of our great hosts I secretly hope they aren’t horribly disappointed if they ever stay with us. Sure, I have some cooking skills but nothing like fresh buns or biscuits alongside every gourmet dinner. We are also enjoying the weather here. It is nice and sunny with temperatures between 0-10 degrees. Don’t quote me on the degrees, but it sure has been nice.

Now that we are on holidays, Morgan seems to have taken hold of the camera. At home, I like to take pictures a lot of what we do. I really started that when Leah came along and now take some pics especially for the blog. As we were driving to the airport Morgan asked for the camera and he has been taking pictures ever since.

I don’t know what is in store for the next day or two before we head back to the rain, but it sure is great getting to spend all day with Morgan, Leah and our friends. Leah has been so good and so spoiled. I might have to do some retraining when we get back home. Sorry, no pictures today, but I will definitely upload some of them when we get home. I am looking forward to seeing them, hoping they will be good.

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