Life23 Nov 2008 10:56 am

I have been avoiding shopping and errands like the plague as of late. Well maybe not that bad, but everything takes twice as long when you are hauling out a car seat or a child just to run into the store for a quick purchase. I like to walk to get my errands done but some things are just not that close to our home.

So on Friday I took the plunge and went to the bank to pick up cheques before proceeding to Home Depot for a new drain plug. Little side note here; when ours broke unexpectedly I felt ripped off to find out it was actually plastic painted with metallic paint… and the new one I got seems to slowly leak but only when you are looking away, like when you are putting dishes away and get distracted from staring at it for five minutes.

Another side note from our experience at Home Depot is our cool close parking spot. I always thought these signs were a little ridiculous. Handicapped I fully understood. People with these signs clearly have a hard time walking (which you can’t really help in Home Depot) but pregnant women or parents. But now I fully understand. I think some could use some clarification such as parents with small children rather than just parents.


I also didn’t understand why shopping carts would be left in the middle of the parking lot… how rude. Now I understand. So to unload your groceries, you put your child/ren in their car seats buckled in to keep them safe and out of trouble. Now you have a whole new dilemma. Do you return your cart leaving your children alone in the car or do you unbuckle them just to return the cart (not as easy as it seems) or do you just leave your cart next to your vehicle and drive out? I am now for parent parking next to where they keep the carts as oppose to closer to the store.

Leah and I ventured over Surrey and Langley before having lunch with my sister in law. We had a good time visiting and then went to visit my mom at work and complete some Christmas shopping there. So exciting to feel like you are getting so much done. I also got to sample some of their new creations they are trying. My mom’s boss even brought Leah an exersaucer down into the kitchen so she could watch the action while I shopped and walked around. Pretty nice!

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