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Leah has been learning all about Newton’s law of gravity as well as the child’s law of persistence and how it relates to a parental figure’s patience. She has discovered how to through her toys off of the high chair and wait until someone picks them up and gives them back. The patience hasn’t been tried too much but the bibs have a new home as she kept throwing them on the floor and making me look like a horrible housekeeper…. because you know that is what is ultimately important. Her bath toys have a suction cup so they stay put so we attached that to her tray and can attach toys onto the string so they will entertain her a bit longer…because you also know I never leave Leah in the highchair to amuse herself so I can get a few things done around the house.


She can roll over from back to front but she still hasn’t figured out that she has to move her arm. She ends up on her stomach but her arm is stuck under her body. You know she is tired when you put her in the crib and she rolls over like seen below during one of her many short naps today.


We learned a few weeks ago that I have some allergies that should restrict us to only five plants in the house. My husband’s heart sank as he loves plants and at times our living room can look like a mini nursery. Okay, not that bad and there are definitely worse things to love. This love combined with our thriftiness (we are really not that hard off) and our determination has kept some of our poinsettias alive from last Christmas. Why throw out a perfectly good plant just because it resembles a certain season? Some of them died as I pushed for beauty (which meant plants on the windowsill over top of the heater) as oppose to practicality (by the door where it is colder, which they like).

Well, as Christmas is rolling around and I see poinsettias in the store that are nice and red I have noticed one of mine is a nice dark green and the other green with a touch of unhealthy yellow with both of them having no signs of red whatsoever. After a few pointers from my mom, I am now babysitting the plants trying to trick them into changing color by making the days shorter for them. They are banished into the bathroom in the early afternoon in darkness till I remember to take them out and put them on my bedroom windowsill for their daily light fix.

aimg_5169.jpg aimg_5170.jpg

I can get so excited over my creations. I am really just like a kid. I guess that is why I loved teaching young kids because I had genuine enthusiasm that I could share while they were busy creating, building, playing, exploring and learning. I could get excited right along with them. I have been busy creating in preparation for Christmas, which this year has involved taking lots of pictures. I will explain fully later but here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

aimg_5158.jpg aimg_5159.jpg

Now I am off to banish those plants into darkness….

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