Life10 Dec 2008 09:21 am

Christmas is a coming and people are putting up their Christmas trees. We have not put one up yet as we still have one too many couches in our apartment at the moment, though that hopefully will change Friday night. We are going to get a small tree probably just a little taller than Leah. Morgan has been working at my grandma’s tree farm on the weekends.


My uncles set up my grandpa’s super old camping tent where they store their provisions for the day. A fire keeps everyone a little warmer and provides a place to cook their smokies. We visited for a little bit and Leah hung out with my dad for quite awhile and he gave her the royal tour all around the farm. I was so impressed as Leah has been scared of her grandpa for quite a while now. I thought it was pretty sweet to see my dad in his tree cutting gear holding Leah with her brightly colored, mostly pink snowsuit on.


Last Saturday, I went and hung out at my mom’s house. We went grocery shopping at her favorite grocery store and we met neighbors, relatives and friends while picking up a few things. My mom seems to know everybody there, so well in fact that even the produce manager held her and was telling stories about his grand kids. We made tons of baby food for Leah and froze it into heart shaped, silicone, ice cube trays from Ikea. My sister bought a ton to use for her wedding and has since shared them with anyone who would like. I think it is rather adorable that all her food is heart shaped, until I heat and mix it up anyway.

Speaking of food, Morgan took me out to a nice Thai restaurant today after we had a short appointment at the bank. The food was so good but too spicy for me. My lips were burning and the food was still calling out to me. I brought some food for Leah to eat with no means of heating it up. I asked for some hot water, which I added to her beans and applesauce to heat it up and so I could add some rice cereal. It was still pretty cold even with the really hot water so we got creative.


Leah is slowly mastering the backwards crawl. When she sits up, she sometimes will lean over like she is ready to go on her front and crawl away. Yesterday, she was playing with her laptop and looking at herself in the mirror (What am I teaching her with that assortment of toys?) and starting pushing up with her front arms, moving her body backwards. I think she tries to go forwards but hasn’t figured out how to manipulate the back half of her body. When I looked over, she had gone from being directly in front of her laptop to in front of her exersaucer and had rolled over.


She was pretty tired last night before bed so we had to get out the soother a little early. I really don’t like her having the soother in her mouth if she is content and especially not in pictures. I pulled it out of her mouth but it was still attached to her and by the time I got the camera, she had plugged it back in.

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