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Leah has survived all of her and her mom’s Christmas shopping and is happy mom will no longer be hauling her in and out of her car seat all over Langley (not for Christmas shopping anyways). She always wakes up happy when I pull her out of her deep sleep from the car seat to venture into a store. I feel so bad breaking up her naps but she loves to sleep in the car. After finishing her first experiences of Christmas gift buying, she is getting pretty excited about Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Leah discovered on Wednesday how to cluck her tongue. She seems to really enjoy the clucking. Not sure what is more exciting, the sound or the movement in the mouth.

She also now has a definite opinion on who she wants to sit with. Leah might hang out with someone for a while and then see mom or dad and fully lunge out toward them from whoever is presently holding her. Leah has absolutely no fear of falling so you really have to have your hands ready for a sudden change of opinion. She also is putting her arms out a little, reaching out to be picked up. This is still in the more beginning stages but so precious.

When Leah sits, she sometimes leans forward and looks like shes about to take off crawling. If she goes anywhere, it is just on her stomach from sitting up. Give her a few weeks and Daddy’s computer wires might not be so safe from little hands anymore.


She is also practicing those ‘girl’ push ups under Daddy’s close supervision.


A few months back, Leah and I came to a marvelous agreement on nap time. When she would start rubbing her eyes, pulling her ears and become fussy and couldn’t play on her own happily, it was time for me to put her in her crib where she would fall asleep within five minutes. All of that has changed in the last week or two. She will still show all the signs of tiredness but not go to sleep. She will cry a very upset cry until someone gets her from the crib or playpen. She seems to rebound from these times of tiredness and be happy and stay up for any two to three hours. Leah has decided she only needs two naps a day with maybe a third if her afternoon nap was early in the day, which is totally okay with me as long as she is happy. My little girl is growing up.

She has also refused solids for the first time these past few days. Leah has never said no to food so it was surprising when she wouldn’t want to finish a meal. I haven’t figured this one out yet.

Leah and I are attending our first cookie exchange. I am excited to get a nice variety of Christmas baking. Every year, I bake the same goodies that my mom passed down to me. They are great but it will be nice to have something I probably wouldn’t try. I am making linzer cookies. I had never heard of them until I saw them at my mom’s work and thought they were really cute. They are two cookies with jam in between and the top cookie has part of the middle cut out and icing sugar dusted on top. I didn’t actually know what they were called until looking up recipes on in their Christmas Cookie Collection and saw the picture.


And last but not least, Leah saw some snow today outside our window.

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  1. on 20 Dec 2008 at 3:02 pm Lisett

    Yummmmmmy cookies!! My intention was to save them till Christmas Eve, but alas, they’ve been gobbled up and enjoyed immensley! Thank you Sandy:0)

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