Life18 Dec 2008 04:12 pm

This past Saturday night I left Leah with Morgan and went out to party. I was a little nervous about the whole thing, even though I was going to Cactus Club which is ten minutes away and was leaving about ten minutes before her bedtime (which is at 8). I got all ready before I fed Leah at 7:30. I was going to try offer her a little more at 7:45 when the person I was carpooling with showed up. So, I might have been a little over anxious but Morgan was ever so confident and not worried a bit.

I had a great time with the mommy gang (without the babes). It was the first night out without Leah I have had on my own since she has come into our lives. I stayed later than expected while my poor husband was trying to get a tired baby to sleep more than fifteen minutes straight. When I came home, both of them were sleeping soundly which made my heart glad. You know when you are 99 percent sure it will all be fine but not at ease until you see it? That was me.

Today was my first time babysitting a little guy Leah’s age along with taking care of Leah. It was great to see them kicking each other’s feet interacting so well together. I was sitting on the floor watching them play with the toys and rattles set out for them thinking so, this is what twins are like. That was a lovely thought till an hour later when both were more complaining than babbling. Out came the soothers to the rescue. I fed Leah while reaching over occasionally to put a soother back in. When the little guy was getting a little fussy around the time his mom said he might be getting hungry, I searched out the bottle she had left. I had to think a little bit about the whole bottle thing. You have to warm it up, test it and then give it to him. It felt so weird to feed him with the bottle as Leah has never been a real fan and only taken it from my mom when I am not around. He took it so I figured I passed the test.

We have a lot of snow here now and Morgan has taken the car to work these past two days as he bike is in the repair shop. I am getting a little cabin feverish wondering how many layers should I put on Leah before we venture outside for a walk or will it just be too cold. Our big double stroller would keep her warmer as I can zip a cover right over the whole thing (with side ventilation) and not worry about the blankets coming off but it is an ordeal to put it together and try fit into the elevator and out the doors.

Leah and I are going out tomorrow for sure (unless another blizzard comes) and meeting with a few friends from the mommy gang at Krause Berry Farms where my mom works. We will be having some nice warm soup with fresh buns/biscuits. Leah and I will also get to visit with a good friend who is home for Christmas. What a treasure friends are.

And a few random shots…

Leah waiting for take off as she is sitting on her clean diapers that are waiting to be folded.
Leah showing her buddy her mad strength.

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