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On Friday, Leah and I met up with a friend of mine from high school. She is currently living in Edmonton so it is great when we get to see each other. We also were able to visit while we were in Edmonton in November. I was talking to her on the phone, trying to plan a place where we could meet while being unsure of exactly what part of Edmonton I was in. I went onto google maps to get direction s and asked for her address and it turned out she was living a few kilometers away on the same street we were staying. Here is a picture of her with Leah at West Edmonton Mall.


Later that day, we met up with a friend from the mommy gang at Krause Berry Farms. We enjoyed corn chowder and had a very nice visit. After checking all of the the goodies for sale, we decided to have a little photo shoot with our kiddies. It started inside by the electric fireplace with the stockings and then moved outside. The temperature was below zero but the farm looked so beautiful in the snow we couldn’t resist. We went out just for a little bit until the kids got fussy. Leah was so full of expression. She kept on leaning forward out of the cute little chairs so I put her on the floor to hang out.



img_5278.jpg img_5289.jpg img_5297.jpg img_5303.jpg

With all her hand waving and sounds lately, we think she might be a choir director. Only time will tell but with our musical talent ineptitude it is unlikely.

We had an early Christmas dinner with some of Morgan’s side of the family last night. The turkey dinner was great and we enjoyed the company as well.

She is growing up so fast.
Fun times with Daddy being thrown up into the air.
The best present ever, our little peppermint stick.
While at lunch with a mommy friend, she offered Leah a rice rusk. I was hesitant to buy them and offer totally solid food but she did so well and seemed to love them, we bought some for her. Her she is enjoying them.
Fun times with Mommy. (Still feels funny that I am a mommy sometimes, it hit me a lot when I was writing out the tag on her Christmas present: To Leah, Love you lots, Mommy and Daddy)
All tired out… though she woke up a few minutes later and caught a second wind before we bundled her up to go home.

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