Life22 Dec 2008 10:22 pm

Today Grandma come over for a nice walk in the snow. Today has been the first day in a while that our temperature hasn’t showed us something ridiculous like this:
It was beautiful with all the snow, however trekking along the sidewalks was an adventure. We stuck to side roads but as we turned back towards our place one of the side roads we were on ended. Both sides of the road had a sidewalk but the odd twenty feet on either side of the road was shoveled. We kept zigzagging back and forth across the road for a clear path when there was one available. We saw some pretty sights.

Tonight we picked up and dropped off some of Morgan’s friends whose truck had broken down. We ventured down their street which had not been plowed. I could feel us plowing the snow underneath our car which was loaded with six people. We only got stuck when we tried to pull into a driveway. It was a little scary when the packed down snow was pretty narrow and another car came down the road using the same ruts in the road we were. It was so easy to get stuck if you stopped moving. Thankfully both cars and their drivers handled it well and moved over to more of their side of the road at the last minute. Morgan thought the drive was great however I was a ball of nerves when we saw other vehicles coming our way.

After our driving adventure, we went to St. Mark’s Anglican Church where they had an outdoor nativity walk through. At each of the nine stations, the guide would turn on an audio recording of the events shown in the picture. They had lots of super friendly, great volunteers.

Leah did very well all bundled up. The people were all super nice and we warmed up with hot chocolate and apple cider inside the hall of the church. They had someone playing the piano with a few carolers. We were able to request our favorites along with a few other families that were there. There was one little boy there who seemed like quite the character. He was requesting lots of songs, some that were traditional as well as some that were not. We got the piano player ad libbing a Raffi tune as well as the carolers trying to sing a Chipmunk Christmas tune as well. It was a good time. When I see other kids like that little boy, I wonder what Leah will be like as she grows up. It is great to see other families bundling up, trekking out in the snow spending quality time with each other. I’m sure it will become a little more challenging as our family grows.

This picture didn’t turn out as great as it could have but I thought the tree looked so pretty with the snow.

I think Leah has figured out this whole camera business. She sure has had enough pictures taken of her. Here she is with Grandma’s styling scarf.

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