Life30 Dec 2008 03:19 pm

Today Leah and I met up with some friends at the pool. Some of them had already taken swimming lessons and showed us some of the in and outs of taking a seven month old to the pool. I had to wake Leah up from her nap so she was quite reserved at the pool. She is not a big fan of putting her head back in the water whether we are in the pool or trying to get the shampoo out of her hair at home in her bathtub but warmed up to it over time. The pool had life jackets their size so Leah and her buddies floated on their backs all on their own. Leah was pretty apprehensive but became more comfortable over time and especially when distracted by a rubber ducky to hold and play with. Right before we hopped out of the pool, I got enough courage to dunk Leah. I wouldn’t say she enjoyed the experience but she didn’t cry. I am definitely looking forward to vacationing in Oroville this year and swimming with her in Osoyoos Lake.

I am not sure who will be more exhausted after swimming, Leah or I. Right now it is definitely me, though the other moms said their kids had amazing naps after swimming. Leah slept on the way home and in her crib for another fifteen minutes and now is playing happily and vocally in her exersaucer.

We brought our strollers right onto the pool deck. She is all ready to go.
Checking out the pool compared to her bathtub.
So much fun! I think swimming lessons are in our near future.

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