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We headed out with my family on Thursday morning to spend a few days skiing, snowboarding and having fun. Leah received lots of attention from everyone.
So much so, she had to look to every once in a while to see who was the current person holding her.

Morgan and I were able to spend some time skiing together while my mom babysat Leah. I was pretty rusty though got the hang of it by the second day. Morgan’s tips from his ski lesson helped out a lot.

Leah brushed up on her reading skills while we worked on our skiing.

The views were amazing, not only behind us but going up on the chair lift as well.


Uncle Chris thought he would like his niece to be a truly organic baby and try take out the plastic and metal in her life. Dipping a baby carrot in her baby food then feeding her is all fine and dandy if you have the time and patience for that sort of thing. That is, until she decides she wants to eat the carrot herself and give her uncle a scare.

Leah was definitely treated like a princess this past weekend. She looked the part very well too.
Leah was great during all the travel and with all the constant excitement. She loved sitting in her chair, eating cheerios and watch whatever was going on. We played lots of games which I love doing, though I do need to brush up on my Dutch Blitz skills.

There is an outdoor skating rink which I thought was pretty cool, though I have had kindergartners easily out-skate me before. I passed on this opportunity in order to do something a whole lot more fun (and less skillful as well as less embarrassing) the next night after putting Leah to bed.

We forgot our camera, but if you look in the background in the picture below, there is a hill which is for snow tubing. I wasn’t sure about how fun this would be. I thought it was a kid thing, which it is but totally not limited to children only. Morgan was excited from the get go and off we went. As we sat in our tubes being pulled up the mountain, I felt so posh watching the view feeling so catered to. That is, until half way through the ride up, I began to think about what system do they have in place to release you from the cable that pulls you up. Different contraptions entered my mind taking into account the need to release you but still contain you in a small area so you don’t go down the mountain and can move quickly out of the way for the next tuber.

The scariest part of the whole experience for me was when they pull you up a small, steep section at the very end of the cable and you go down a small slide backwards. I like seeing where I am going. I think it is a control thing. I am never one to go on a roller coaster, but go ahead do donuts with me on a tube behind a boat and I am fine. At least I still have a little bit of control and can always let go if needed. Not that you have a choice to jump off the tube in this situation but I still felt some control. Maybe I have a few issues I need to work on… anyways, we had a blast making going as a group down the hill.

The weather was gorgeous, the mountains beautiful, the company great, all in all a great weekend.

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  1. on 21 Jan 2009 at 7:55 am kate

    such a cute pic of you and Morgan!

  2. on 22 Jan 2009 at 5:47 pm Sandy

    Thanks. Morgan is pretty good at the one arm out and shoot.

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