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As Leah has been eating more and more I am finding it more work than it is worth to freeze her food. I can peel a potato and carrot, boil it while I am making dinner, add whatever we are having to her dinner whenever possible, and voila!

For breakfast I have decided oatmeal is a great choice. For Leah that is. The first time I made oatmeal for Leah, I tasted it and wasn’t sure where I had messed up. I mean, you measure the water, boil it, put in some oatmeal and wait ten minutes. How hard can it be? I let Morgan have a bite and he said that is how it is supposed to taste. No wonder I wouldn’t touch the stuff when I was a kid. I did eat cream of wheat with a fair share of brown sugar though. So now I make a small pot and fill her bowl up and put the leftovers in the fridge for her to eat the next day. I do add pear and avocado (adds some green color to enhance the color of the oatmeal and they are overly healthy I hear) and baby food peaches to add sweetness. She likes the stuff so I don’t feel to bad about it, actually, I love it that she loves the stuff as I am trying to raise a healthy child and all.


But for now, I like to eat the dry cereal with no milk (as it doesn’t agree with me). That is, until she notices I am eating something different that tastes a whole lot better. I am sure I will be safe for a least a few more years.

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  1. on 05 Feb 2009 at 5:02 pm kate

    If she’s anything like my niece, it will take a month or two before she notices! Good luck!

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