Life09 Feb 2009 10:39 pm

So, I know you aren’t supposed to live vicariously through your children but the other day I did just that. As a child, I always loved bead mazes, though I didn’t get the chance to play with them very often. The only place I ever saw them was in doctor’s offices. When I saw one at a dollar store, I just couldn’t resist. Leah certainly does like playing with it but it is not without its hazards. Leah has crawled over it, gets her feet and legs stuck in it (though she wiggles them out on her own) and lifts it up high though she hasn’t hit herself in the head with it yet.


Speaking of injury, Leah has been a master crawler of late but hasn’t fully embraced the concept of looking where she is going. This has caused her many crying fits varying in length from seconds to minutes long from hitting chair legs, couches and her highchair. I do believe in baby proofing for the safety of a child but where do you draw the line? We are not willing to take on Japanese custom and remove our chairs and eat on the floor. Couches are pretty comfy to sit on. We do need furniture. Maybe it would be better to invest in a helmet for Leah…. but for now I will continue to try warn her of impending danger and keep pathways clear and hopefully she will learn soon.


Leah now has five teeth, one more on the top. I guess that is why she felt the need to wake me up before five am this morning. She did fall back asleep but was a little too restless for my liking.

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