Life24 Feb 2009 08:30 pm

This past weekend, Morgan and I were able to spend a lot of time together which was not unusual except for the fact it was just the two of us. After getting a few things done around the house on Saturday morning, we packed a huge amount of stuff (that all seemed absolutely necessary) and went over to my parent’s house. We went out for a nice dinner (and splurged a little) and then went to see Slumdog Millionaire. It was such a great night for Morgan and I.

On Sunday morning after indulging in too many homemade waffles my Dad made for breakfast, we left Leah again and enjoyed a trail run we signed up for at Aldergrove Lake Park. I was planning on running the first 4 km with Morgan and get ready for church while Morgan finished up the 8 km route. Much to my surprise, they apparently canceled the 4 km route which I discovered during the run as I passed a 4 km marker. I was going to stop and walk back to the car but I had no clue what part of the park we were in and figured the fastest way back would be to continue on the marked path so I wouldn’t get lost. Morgan spent most of the race a little ways in front of me which kept me motivated as I did not want to lose sight of him. I few times I did catch up to him and he graciously slowed his pace a little at the end so I could catch up to him and finish together. Actually, he let me win by a few steps.

I think Leah enjoyed the weekend as much as we did as she got lots of attention and even got rocked to sleep by Grandma when we were away. It felt a little funny sleeping over at my parent’s house but it made no sense driving out Saturday night, waking up Leah to bring her home, get her settled again and then drive back again early Sunday morning. My parents offered to do babysit and even make this a monthly event. As Leah went to bed like a champ without a bottle (I forgot it at home) and without breastfeeding, I feel more comfortable leaving her (might have something to do with the rocking). I think we will take them up on the offer more often than we have been. A movie and dinner out a little more than every four months would do Morgan and I both some good.

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