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May – I came into the world with my mother foolishly believing I did not need a soother to help me calm down and sleep. I proceeded by crying after laying quietly in my hospital bed five minutes after any night time feeding. I timed it precisely to when my mom finally would get comfortable on her hospital bed. The only way to calm me back down was to feed me satisfying my insatiable need to suck.

June – I now have learned to suck on my own fingers to help me fall asleep. I also have learned that mom’s pinkie finger is also really great to suck on. I generally suck on mom’s pinkie for a little bit before putting my own fingers in my mouth. My mom is so proud of me for learning to fall asleep on my own.

July – I have now decided mom’s pinkie finger is way better than my own hand so I am slowly extending the time I suck on her finger instead of mine, gradually weaning me off using my own hand at all.

August – Mom and Dad seem a tad more stressed than usual. They stopped at London Drugs at 10 o’clock one night on the way home from Grandma and Grandpa’s and finally bought me a soother. All my crying finally worked. Before Mom even had her shoes off, Daddy already had the water on the stove to boil the soothers before I used them. It was a little different but after mom’s persistence for a few days I realized she was serious about not letting me use her finger anymore.

September – I love my soothers and usually only get the luxury of having them at bedtime. Even so, they still are scattered around the house between my crib and the diaper bag.

January – I can now crawl and whenever Mommy wants to show off my skills, she knows I will crawl for a soother every time. I even have more soothers now that mom has upgraded me to a bigger size but I don’t really care which size or color it is, as long as I can have my soother.

March – I love having a soother in each hand and one in my mouth so I can trade off soothers. My mom loves them almost as much as me and says she will sneak one into the hospital when she has my brother or sister.

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  1. on 10 Mar 2009 at 10:39 pm laura

    Hilarious! I too thought that I could get through having a baby without a soother. What was I thinking????

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